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La Schtroumpfette

vintage sweater, F21 hairbow, gap jeans, aldo shoes

I love these shoes, but it’s sad I don’t wear them enough–they make me feel like dancing! The past few days I’ve been catching up on last minute shopping, which is no fun with all the traffic. But as of today, I am officially done with shopping and partially done with wrapping presents. 

I’m obsessed with these chunky acrylic sweaters, especially the pop of color. I found this one for $2.50 as well, I’m so pleased with my bargain hunting skills :)  This is a pretty lazy/casual outfit, but bold colors like this lively blue make it so much more interesting…plus I feel very smurfette-like.

On another note, I really hope it snows. It doesn’t feel like Christmas without snow and its bumming me out. I’ll keep my fingers crossed!

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i change shapes

F21 beanie & tights, Hollywood Intuition for Target bag,  Xhilaration dress,
 Gap cardigan, Kelsi Dagger “Fortune” Wedges, 
It has been such a beautiful day today, the sun is out and its perfectly cool/warm enough to not have to wear a coat! I’ve been catching up on all the sleep I’ve lost this semester, so mornings for me start around noon (earliest)…I know I’m a lazy bum but I think I deserve it, its been a crazy semester! 

After taking these pictures, I went with Doug (my bf & photo dude) to eat at one of our favorite local restaurants called Feltner Brothers. They have the best Chicago-style hotdogs and hamburgers, ahh so good. It’s just another lazy sunday that I’m enjoying and really soaking in. 

Food+Black Ops+Movies+Music= an awesome day.

Anyways, you guys are all rad & I hope you’ve had some time to relax this weekend before the CRAZYHOLIDAYRUSH. (just had a mini panic attack thinking about it haha)

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don’t think twice, its alright

When I get inspired, I don’t like to limit myself. I try to draw inspiration–not just from the models on the runway or whatever current trends magazines are trying to set forth–but from everything.

I’ve always found inspiration from menswear, specifically men who not only influence me through their style but also through their work. One such man, is Bob Dylan. Two years ago Esquire did a story on men’s fashion inspired by Dylan and his somber beatnick style which continues to inspire my everyday style.

 F21 for WWF panda tee, thrifted vintage booties, BB Dakota coat, 
Vintage Etienne Aigner messenger, target beanie, thrifted cardigan
From his leather pointed boots, his billowy polka dot shirts, skinny jeans, fitted coats and his somber and mysterious dark sunglasses– he knew how to make a statement, without having to say much. And I love that.
Photos from here and here. photoshop collage by me.
Bob Dylan is great, if you don’t know that already. 

Here are some of my favorite Dylan songs:
1. Boots of Spanish Leather (my personal fav.)
2. Positively 4th Street
3. Ballad of a Thin Man
4. With God On Our Side
5. Blowin’ in the Wind
6. Mr. Tambourine Man 
7. Hurricane
8. It Ain’t Me Babe 
9. Like A Rolling Stone 
10. Lepoard-Skin-Pill-Box Hat
11. The Times They Are A Changin’
12. Forever Young
13. Moonshiner (another fav.)
14. Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door 
15. Don’t think twice, it’s alright (love this one)
Who inspires your style?

comfort creature

thrifted cardigan, thrifted dress, F21 tights & necklace, Kelsi Dagger “Fortune” wedges,DIY wrap bracelet

This outfit is the product of me rolling out of bed, showering and throwing whatever felt comfortable. I usually tend to go for jeans,  but my polka dot tights were begging to be worn with this long dress. This dress is so fun and the length is perfect because I don’t have to worry about it being too short when I sit or showing my bum when the wind blows!

I bought this bracelet as a necklace and it was on clearance–I should have questioned why it was on sale but I couldn’t pass up the deal! It was actually too short to be a necklace. Luckily, both ends had lobster clasps, so I wrapped around the chains and linked them together and voilà–a chain bracelet!

This just goes to show–don’t give up on something because it doesn’t work how its supposed to, change it to work for you!

I’m getting use of all my winter sweaters (I also thrifted this one for $2.50) and this one puts me in the holiday spirit! My favorite part of the holidays is finding gifts for all my loved ones, its such a fun thing to shop for others–especially when you have younger siblings! 

Hope you all are having a lovely Tuesday!

walking dead

 Vintage wool vest, Gap high rise skinnies, Kelsi Dagger “Fortune” wedges, 
thrifted coat, F21 hat and top, Chico’s chain bracelet
I apologize for the small hiatus! Its been quite a rough week but I am officially done with fall semester and will be posting more during the break. I’ve literally been walking around campus like a zombie. The  virus that plagues every college student during finals week is simply inevitable.
And playing the zombie level on Halo Black Ops didn’t necessarily help my anxiety, but it was a nice release to shoot zombies. My dexterity with game controls has also highly improved. You will no longer find me standing in the corner shooting at a wall, because now I can aim, shoot, and fire baby! 
I scored these wedges for less then half the original price and they are so comfy.  I’m too much of a klutz  to wear heels and for my lifestyle– these are so much more practical. Plus, I feel like a Clydesdale horse trotting about and they boost me to almost 6’0″. Yay! 
I’m currently loving all Fair Isle inspired knits. I found this cozy wool vest for only $2.50 at a local thrift store. Perfect for throwing over anything.
I hope you all have had a relaxing and warm weekend! 
Note: Zeus would like to send whisker kisses to all his lovely fans!