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fringed heart

Gap heart tights, Kelsey Dagger “Fortune” wedges,  thrifted dress & lace skirt, Chicos bracelet, 
Decree bracelet, F21 cardigan,DIY fringe scarf, Mulberry for Target bag, vintage jewel hair pins

Here is the DIY scarf (tutorial below) in action! It was so beautiful out today, but I’m sad that it does not feel like December here but it does mean that I can wear this cute dress without a thick coat!

So this dress is yet another one that is way too short for me, but too long to wear as a top. AWKWARD. So what’s a girl to do? I pulled out my lace skirt and made it look like a slip, which also made the skirt of the dress appear fuller. 

Go ahead, say it. The tights make me look like a leopard with heart shaped spots haha its cool, but I scored these at Gap for a super great price, so its ok. I also wanted to show that  this itty bitty bag can perfectly store my Blackberry, cash, chap-stick,and my debit card! 

Make due with what you have an work it baby, thats my motto. Ok, not really but I said it just now.

Sorry for the rambling, but I hope you all have a wonderful New Year. May it be a memorable one or may it be so much fun, you can’t even remember it ;)  

I’m so glad I started this blog and adore each one of you, so thanks for your support duuudddes! Here’s to another year of life and exploring!

Listening to: “Be Ok”- Ingrid Michaelson 

DIY fringe scarf

Another DIY idea from P.S.–I Made This… by Erica Domesek. So easy and so much fun, Zeus totally loved it.

You don’t have to add  the fringe, it could simply just be a tube/circle scarf as well! 


Edit: A beautiful friend of mine, just started a blog of her own. She also has her own photography business, I love young entrepreneurs like her. She shows off this DIY scarf in her recent post. Send Aricka some love! 

antique metals

F21 top & floppy hat , vintage bracelet, Chicos ring/watch, vintage coin necklace
For those who have asked, my bf[Doug] received a Canon 5D Mark II for Christmas because his old camera broke. This camera is just so amazing and he’s so in love with it and it benefits both of us, which works out great. This new floppy hat was a gift but it looked silly with the ribbons attached, so I tucked those in. 

I found this coin necklace at a local thrift store about a year ago and instantly fell in love, its my favorite necklace so far. Doug’s sweet grandma sent me this vintage bracelet, and its so beautiful and just my style…ahh its so great! This ring was a gift as well, but the awesome thing about it was that when you lift the top…it becomes a watch! I love hidden treasures like that! 

And I finally saw Black Swan…it was totally cray-cray but I loved it. 

Listening to (while posting this):  ”Paint It Black”–The Rolling Stones 

cookie thief

F21 coat, sweater, and beanie, Gap high rise jeans, Chicos ring

Hello all! I hope you all survived the holidays and enjoyed your time with your loved ones. The holidays come around faster each year, and its so easy to forget how precious our time is, so we should truly cherish it and make the most of it. 

My sweet boy bought me this fun Cookie Monster sweater and this awesome olive coat. He picked out the best things and I love the colors of this sweater…especially since Cookie Monster is rocking some sweet wayfarers.

I’m in the middle of playing Monopoly with electronic banking…so I better pay attention before I start losing my dolla bills ;)

blog awards

A special thanks to all the sweet bloggers who have nominated me for a blog award. Seriously, you guys are so awesome :)

Stylish Blogger Award


Kaylyn of Love & Labels
Chelsea of Organized Mess 
Kenny of fivetwocharm
Dahl of l’arc en ciel
Johanna of Johanna Urban
Patrice of I’m Just Me
One Lovely Blog Award


Kathleen Carla of Inspirafashion

The Versatile Blog Award


Elanor of Missing-Lovebirds

Now for the seven facts that most of these awards ask for:

1. While some people collect cards, antiques, etc., I collect (more like have an obsession) with paper (stationary, sticky pads, notebooks) and sharpies. 

2. I’m not good at writing in cursive, I have an extremely hard time with the cursive “s”. I blame it on moving during third grade.

3. I love making people feel beautiful. Everyone is, in their own way, even flaws are beautiful.

4.  I’ve been with my photographer(lol), bff, and bf Doug for 5 years. He is the most incredible person, and I’m so lucky to have him. 

5. I am the oldest and only girl, with three younger brothers. We all have the same initials. BNA. haha

6. I love challenges. I’m a person that constantly needs something to do.

7. I went through and “emo” stage and was known to break some bones in mosh pits. Oh gosh.

So silly of me, I had this as a draft but have recently added a few new ones.