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let me begin…

On me: Thrifted sweater, Gap skinnies, coat, and beanie, F21 oxfords
On Doug: BR jeans, aldo shoes, Brooks Brothers coat, target beanie

Sometimes I feel like we are told to take life a little too seriously–”be proper, be polite, be a lady/gentlemen. Look like this, dress like that. Have your life completely planned out by the time you graduate, get a job, make money, get married, settle down, get old, and die.” 

And that’s definitely not okay with me. I’m going to break the rules and make my own story, my own adventures, and my own scars. 

I’m enjoying the last few days before my break is over. I’m really not looking forward to going back to class, especially days that last forever. So what do you do when times start grinding you down? 


And yes, I was listening to House of Pain’s Jump Around as I typed this!

powdered sugar

70s vintage dress from Grey DogF21 coat, tights, boots, & beret, 
vintage Etienne Aigner messenger bag, decree bracelet, antique cuff

Hey guys! Sorry for the brief disappearance, I’ve worked the whole weekend at the coolest place ever…remember that little vintage boutique that’s run out a renovated Airstream that I wrote about last month? Well I’m working there now, and its so much fun. I spent the weekend working, met some really cool people, and was surrounded by beautiful clothing…can you say wonderful?!

Anyways, I’ve also been feeling “under the weather” but we did get our first snow last night, which is something to be excited about. It was more like the powdered sugar fairies sprinkled their goodness about our town..not too much snow, but it is cold…FINALLY. I love cold weather so much, its crazy.

Thank you all so much for your awesome comments. I will definitely be doing another vlog soon… along with more diys that I promised…oh and commenting back! 

I hope you are all having a great Monday, its a new week full of possibilities!

Currently listening to: Die Antwoord-”Enter the Ninja”

true grit

 Vintage blouse, skirt made by me, f21 floppy hat, clutch, and belt, 
workman lace up booties, F21 horse necklace, Target rose & stone necklace

I recently went to see True Grit, which is a remake from the Coen brothers (Fargo, No Country For Old Men, O Brother, Where Art Thou?, The Big Lebowski…) based on a novel  about a 14-year old girl from Arkansas who hires a deputy U.S. marshall to hunt down the man that murdered her father. The girl in the film was full of spunk, not afraid to face whatever came her way, and wasn’t afraid to ride with the boys.

I love every film from the Coen brothers, and I’m a huge nerd when it comes to Westerns. Not only did I love the fact that part of the story was based near where I live, but the costumes also inspired me to pull out some of my treasured pieces from my wardrobe and saddle up!

In the film I spotted several wool chaps, coats, and dresses. And what’s a good Western without huge hats and a good pair of boots? Just the right touches can really transport you back in time. 

I of course, added more feminine pieces with my neutral colors, lace & sheer fabrics paired with a thick wool skirt (that I made, with all the lovely imperfections of a beginner sewer), a large braided belt, workman lace up booties, a rustic pony necklace & a rose and stone necklace, and of course a floppy hat (my version of a cowboy hat). 

I also made my first VIDEO OUTFIT POST! I feel totally awkward hearing my own voice but hey, here’s to trying new things :) And this is also the first video I’ve ever made and edited, so I’m still learning!

deep red

F21 tights & dress, DIY bracelet, Chicos ring

I just want to say, how great each of your comments are and they means so much to me. I am inspired by each of you in such different ways, and I’m really starting to love the color red! I’ll respond to each of your comments by tonight, it’s been a pretty busy-fun day. 

1. Woke up pretty early & cleaned.
2. Interviewed for an internship (which I’m so excited about… more on that later)
3. Grabbed a late lunch w/ Doug
4. Went with Doug to buy a speed bag and body bag (we’re going to start boxing for exercise, how funny)
5. I got some really cute training gloves, I’ll definitely have to do a boxing outfit post :)
6. I’ve been working on some more DIYs and can’t wait to share…

refresh button

H&M lace motorcycle jacket, Jean Paul Gaultier for Target dress, Gap sparkle tights,
 Bongo wedges, Forever 21 large hair bow & feather ring, Target bow earrings, Chico’s bracelets

Welcome to 2011 friends! We can officially hit the “refresh button” and start anew. Now, I’m not talking about making a New Year’s resolution. I mean sure, resolutions can be from the best of intentions, but sometimes they can be so debilitating. 

Why not choose to change something or to dedicate your “resolution” to helping someone other than yourself? Or how about conquering something that’s holding you back? Like your fear to try this, or anxiety to do that, or giving up something you’re afraid to let go of.

Open your bright eyes to all the things you’ve been afraid to try, dare to wear something that’s completely different–something bold and funky (like me wearing this girly girl dress), because as long as it makes you feel good…who cares what anyone else thinks? Your confidence will allow your true beauty to radiate through. Ok, I’ll stop there because I’m starting to sound a little too sappy :)

How are you guys hitting the refresh button?


Side note: I entered a game for NYE outfits, and if you like this look it would be awesome if you voted here. Thanks so much guys :)