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wagon wheel

Since moving from the south, I’ve found myself missing the simple things that I never expected to–like good ol’ mother nature. I was never an outdoorsy person, but back home, I was surrounded by hills, trees, deer, and the occasional fox {really} but in my new home I am now surrounded by subways, skyscrapers, and pigeons that do not back down. Seriously, have you ever played chicken with a NYC pigeon!?

Anyways, it’s nice to venture away from the city even if it is just a ferry ride away. I spent this past weekend lying in the grass and walking around looking at art installations on Governor’s Island. The weather was amazing and perfect for wearing one of my favorite Jason Wu for Target dresses, isn’t the little wheel print so sweet? It was a great mini escape, and so so relaxing. Now that I got my “nature fix”, I’m refreshed and excited for the chaos of NYFW!!

♥ Britt

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hey sunshine…

Hey guys, just leaving a note that I will be back by the end of this week! School, two internships, work, and extra curricular activities are taking up most of my life at the moment. But for now, enjoy the guest post from Julie! I’ll be back soon! 

photo via Doug’s film camera