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life in nyc

Here’s a little snippet of what i do as a freelance assistant stylist. My fiancé did this video for a project and it came out pretty neat and briefly portrayed what i do behind the scenes when I’m on set. When the shoot is over, when all the models are gone, when the racks of clothes, glitzy jewelry and mountains of shoes are packed away–it can feel like i’m living in a blurry dream. But at the end of the day when it all sinks in–I’m finding my way in NYC, going after my dream while discovering something new everyday, and doing what I love most.

Brittany Arroyos from Doug Murray on Vimeo.

♥ Britt

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new york, i love you

hearst tower

under armour launch

Just an update on my New York City livin’! And if you don’t already–be sure to follow me on instagram @ittybittybomb for more!


1. The cool building I get to spend my summer. Seventeen’s on the 17th floor–duh.

2. Surrounded by drool worthy clothes and accessories in the fashion closet. Now, only if it was my own closet!

3. Went on a cute boat tour with the girls from the winners of the Pretty Amazing contest. Isn’t lady liberty amazing?

4. One of the editors gave me the opportunity to cover the launch of Under Armour’s new shoe, Spine where I got to see Tom Brady, Lindsey Vonn, and Kemba Walker. Talk about being star struck!

5. My awesome supervisors assigned me to assist on my first photo shoot, which I was super pumped about. I couldn’t even sleep the night before–luckily the shoot was very chill and gave me a chance to see the models/crew/artists/stylist behind the scenes.

6-7. Indulging when we can. Talk about food coma.

8. My amazing nails–masterpiece created by Miss Pop (she is incredibly awesome BTW). Aren’t they so cool?!

9. The Seventeen fashion interns dancing in our favorite dresses for the October issue.

10. There really is nothing like watching the sun set over the Hudson River.

♥ Britt

p.s. I hope you all are having a great week and enjoy popping some fireworks!! Woo!

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