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blog awards

A special thanks to all the sweet bloggers who have nominated me for a blog award. Seriously, you guys are so awesome :)

Stylish Blogger Award


Kaylyn of Love & Labels
Chelsea of Organized Mess 
Kenny of fivetwocharm
Dahl of l’arc en ciel
Johanna of Johanna Urban
Patrice of I’m Just Me
One Lovely Blog Award


Kathleen Carla of Inspirafashion

The Versatile Blog Award


Elanor of Missing-Lovebirds

Now for the seven facts that most of these awards ask for:

1. While some people collect cards, antiques, etc., I collect (more like have an obsession) with paper (stationary, sticky pads, notebooks) and sharpies. 

2. I’m not good at writing in cursive, I have an extremely hard time with the cursive “s”. I blame it on moving during third grade.

3. I love making people feel beautiful. Everyone is, in their own way, even flaws are beautiful.

4.  I’ve been with my photographer(lol), bff, and bf Doug for 5 years. He is the most incredible person, and I’m so lucky to have him. 

5. I am the oldest and only girl, with three younger brothers. We all have the same initials. BNA. haha

6. I love challenges. I’m a person that constantly needs something to do.

7. I went through and “emo” stage and was known to break some bones in mosh pits. Oh gosh.

So silly of me, I had this as a draft but have recently added a few new ones. 

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