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i can’t fly

Vintage canary silk blouse from Grey Dog, boyfriend’s beanie (we share), f21 boots & birds,
Gap oversized cardigan, jeans

I’m in a winter rut, and jeans are quickly becoming my go-to item. Something amazing happened this week–I finally got the snow that I wanted! I only had two full days of school this week.  My classes were cancelled yesterday and today and I’m so happy, because it makes up for the first part of the chaotic week!

I’m going a little stir crazy, but I the roads are better and I’m ready to release my energy! I guess my photos sum up my emotions : curious, excited, bored, stressed, and hyper. I guess being snowed in can do that to you! 

Also, if you noticed a change to my layout…blogger did something cray-cray and now its weird. I’ll just roll with it.

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peace love and applesauce?mmm applesauce. Did I just say that. Yes, yes I did! 

Currently listening to: “Winter Winds” by Mumford & Sons (swoon)