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On me: DIY faux fur vest, thrifted dress, F21 tights & hat, Monet brooch
On Zeus: au naturel baby, authentic Chic black kittehh

On behalf of Zeus, I would just like to say that this is a FAUX fur vest and he loves it–but will gladly keep his own! 
I’m beyond ecstatic about reaching a little over 100 followers, I know its nothing compared to the “big boys” but its still so great!  So thank you, yes YOU. 
Check out below to see how easy it was to make this vest! 

DIY faux fur vest

Being a college student on a budget has really helped bring out my creativity. DIY projects are my absolute favorite because it challenges me to be resourceful and helps me focus my energy and creativity on something…which is good because I’m definitely a “hands on” kind of person.

With the recent trend of faux fur popping up everywhere, I never found the perfect vest or within a reasonable price range. After hearing about the book P.S.–I Made This… by Erica Domesek, I jumped into my car and headed to Barnes & Noble to get my hands on it!

This book is so great. It’s simple and so inspiring, the best part–you don’t need a sewing machine! How awesome!

One of the projects was this great DIY faux fur vest that was so easy to make. It seriouly took me 30 minutes at most, to actually make it. I love how it turned out, and I can wear it to have the top rolled like a collar. Its warm, fuzzy, and made by me!

The faux fur was only $10 per yard, and I’m sure you can find sales and deals at your local fabric stores! It’s totally worth making, especially if your on the fence with this trend. I knew I wouldn’t wear it all the time, so why spend $30+ for something that might stay in my closet?

Pictures of me wearing the vest are posted above!

If you try this yourself, let me know! I want to see your lovely creations!

reconstruction destruction

DIY denim vest, F21 lace dress, bow, tights, vintage booties, Mulberry for Target bag

I had to reconstruct a denim jacket for one of my apparel classes and was very hesitant at the beginning, I wanted to opt out to do a trend board but decided to take on the challenge. Who doesn’t love challenges?

I thrifted the jacket for only $4.50! I drew out a spine and ribcage on stencil paper, and after using my X-ACTO knife to cut it out I used fabric spray paint to fill in the stencil. (Be careful with these things, they’re so much fun. I got carried away and started “x-acto knifing” EVERYTHING haha)

I then added exposed zippers throughout the jacket, as front pockets and on the collar. I used bias tape around the arm holes because I forgot to put on my glasses and just started cutting off the sleeves and well, I got a little scissor happy!  I then added the chain to the jacket, which can be used in different ways– as a belt, attached to the zippers, or it can come off completely.

Since I have very basic sewing skills and am not very good at following rules, I just let my fear of the sewing machine go and was actually pleased with how my jacket turned out. I was so worried about how straight my stitching was but when it came down to it, I actually like the raw and rough look that it made. 

This has encouraged me to sew by my own rules. Its helped me embrace my beginner’s mistakes and just play off of the mishaps by transforming them into my own beautiful imperfections. 

So I encourage you to start making your own things or adding your own additions to garments–make them unique and your very own. Don’t worry about following the conventional rules, just have fun with it!

If anyone is wondering, I received a perfect 100/100 for this…yay :)