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DIY: denim heart patch

When it comes to shopping, I’m a bargain hunter. Sometimes I can wait the two weeks, just to see the item I want drop to 50% off. I won’t invest on pricey pieces unless I feel like I HAVE to have it, and usually if that does happen I end up finding a way to live without it or find something similar. Once such way, are DIY projects. 

I love J.Crew–but I would never drop $100 on this adorable chambray top, even with the cute heart pocket. On a college student budget, a fashionista/o has to improvise and work with what you have…which is a good thing because you should always have your eyes open to be inspired by the world around you. Even the smallest alterations and updates to a piece in your wardrobe can make the biggest difference and will leave you and your bank account happy! 
 {Inspiration via J.Crew}
J.Crew= $98
itty bitty bomb way= Under $3

This was so easy and helped me beat cabin fever. I added a patch on the back just for a little more fun. You can also sew on the patches if you’re feeling up for it, or make them actual functioning pockets (I never use front pockets)! 

deep red

F21 tights & dress, DIY bracelet, Chicos ring

I just want to say, how great each of your comments are and they means so much to me. I am inspired by each of you in such different ways, and I’m really starting to love the color red! I’ll respond to each of your comments by tonight, it’s been a pretty busy-fun day. 

1. Woke up pretty early & cleaned.
2. Interviewed for an internship (which I’m so excited about… more on that later)
3. Grabbed a late lunch w/ Doug
4. Went with Doug to buy a speed bag and body bag (we’re going to start boxing for exercise, how funny)
5. I got some really cute training gloves, I’ll definitely have to do a boxing outfit post :)
6. I’ve been working on some more DIYs and can’t wait to share…

fringed heart

Gap heart tights, Kelsey Dagger “Fortune” wedges,  thrifted dress & lace skirt, Chicos bracelet, 
Decree bracelet, F21 cardigan,DIY fringe scarf, Mulberry for Target bag, vintage jewel hair pins

Here is the DIY scarf (tutorial below) in action! It was so beautiful out today, but I’m sad that it does not feel like December here but it does mean that I can wear this cute dress without a thick coat!

So this dress is yet another one that is way too short for me, but too long to wear as a top. AWKWARD. So what’s a girl to do? I pulled out my lace skirt and made it look like a slip, which also made the skirt of the dress appear fuller. 

Go ahead, say it. The tights make me look like a leopard with heart shaped spots haha its cool, but I scored these at Gap for a super great price, so its ok. I also wanted to show that  this itty bitty bag can perfectly store my Blackberry, cash, chap-stick,and my debit card! 

Make due with what you have an work it baby, thats my motto. Ok, not really but I said it just now.

Sorry for the rambling, but I hope you all have a wonderful New Year. May it be a memorable one or may it be so much fun, you can’t even remember it ;)  

I’m so glad I started this blog and adore each one of you, so thanks for your support duuudddes! Here’s to another year of life and exploring!

Listening to: “Be Ok”- Ingrid Michaelson 

DIY fringe scarf

Another DIY idea from P.S.–I Made This… by Erica Domesek. So easy and so much fun, Zeus totally loved it.

You don’t have to add  the fringe, it could simply just be a tube/circle scarf as well! 


Edit: A beautiful friend of mine, just started a blog of her own. She also has her own photography business, I love young entrepreneurs like her. She shows off this DIY scarf in her recent post. Send Aricka some love! 

comfort creature

thrifted cardigan, thrifted dress, F21 tights & necklace, Kelsi Dagger “Fortune” wedges,DIY wrap bracelet

This outfit is the product of me rolling out of bed, showering and throwing whatever felt comfortable. I usually tend to go for jeans,  but my polka dot tights were begging to be worn with this long dress. This dress is so fun and the length is perfect because I don’t have to worry about it being too short when I sit or showing my bum when the wind blows!

I bought this bracelet as a necklace and it was on clearance–I should have questioned why it was on sale but I couldn’t pass up the deal! It was actually too short to be a necklace. Luckily, both ends had lobster clasps, so I wrapped around the chains and linked them together and voilà–a chain bracelet!

This just goes to show–don’t give up on something because it doesn’t work how its supposed to, change it to work for you!

I’m getting use of all my winter sweaters (I also thrifted this one for $2.50) and this one puts me in the holiday spirit! My favorite part of the holidays is finding gifts for all my loved ones, its such a fun thing to shop for others–especially when you have younger siblings! 

Hope you all are having a lovely Tuesday!