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DIY: denim heart patch

When it comes to shopping, I’m a bargain hunter. Sometimes I can wait the two weeks, just to see the item I want drop to 50% off. I won’t invest on pricey pieces unless I feel like I HAVE to have it, and usually if that does happen I end up finding a way to live without it or find something similar. Once such way, are DIY projects. 

I love J.Crew–but I would never drop $100 on this adorable chambray top, even with the cute heart pocket. On a college student budget, a fashionista/o has to improvise and work with what you have…which is a good thing because you should always have your eyes open to be inspired by the world around you. Even the smallest alterations and updates to a piece in your wardrobe can make the biggest difference and will leave you and your bank account happy! 
 {Inspiration via J.Crew}
J.Crew= $98
itty bitty bomb way= Under $3

This was so easy and helped me beat cabin fever. I added a patch on the back just for a little more fun. You can also sew on the patches if you’re feeling up for it, or make them actual functioning pockets (I never use front pockets)!