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i who have arrived in heaven


this past saturday we waited in line to see yayoi kusama’s i who have arrived in heaven (see the videos below). and now my mind is seeing the world through technicolor lenses–talk about a mind explosion. i was so refreshed by her work that i felt a jolt of energy to get back to my blog.

it’s been 8 months since my last post, but these past 8 months have been full of big life changes for me. so here’s the cliff note version:

  • in june we moved from manhattan to brooklyn, and let me tell ya–brooklyn is definitely where it’s at
  • in august the startup i was working for merged , and i got my first real big-girl job as a digital strategist/designer in september
  • traveled back and forth for work/wedding planning every month in between
  • i married the love of my life in september–and married life is sweet

so i guess that really does explain how time has flown by. and while i contemplated throwing in the towel on the whole fashion blogging world, i’ve decided to just keep doing this for me. i don’t want to focus on what i’m wearing so much anymore, but instead i’m going to focus on what i’m doing, where i’m going, what inspires me and little sneak peeks into my new life in the city…so stay tuned!

♥ Britt

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headed to the mountains

sweater: love by design; skirt: vintage;  floppy hat: forever 21; boots: lulus; socks: c/o soxxy

Sometimes I forget I have a blog, it’s bad I know… but with my busy schedule lately (work, wedding planning, etc.)  I’ve been spending time away from the blogosphere to enjoy the world around me.

Later this week I’m headed to the mountains, with a quick pitstop to the Ozark Mountains and then off to spend a week in the Rockies with my main squeeze. And then headed back to the Ozarks to spend my golden birthday with my closest pals and get some wedding stuff done. March is already becoming an eventful and busy month, and Spring is almost here!!

♥ Britt


bushwick blues

boots & coat: f21/ jacket: ‘out west’ jacket c/o Therapy /sweater: urbanog / jeans: gap velvet skinnies / bag:billabong

I was pretty excited about the snow that we got this weekend, despite how incredibly cold it’s been. Snow makes me feel giddy like a kid and all I want to do is throw my own “snow day”, which is exactly what I did! I made a big breakfast and headed out to do some shopping and exploring. One of my favorite things about this weather is watching to see how creative people are when it comes to layering. For me this typically means throwing on a tee, then a sweater, adding a lighter jacket that will fit under my heavy coats that way I can adjust the layers as needed—it’s all about planning the right amount to get you through the day.

Therapy was awesome enough to offer a discount of  30% off your  purchase when you enter ITTYBITTYBOMB at checkout. Just in time to treat yourself to something sweet this Valentine’s Day. The code is available from 2/11/13 until 2/18/13 and is case-sensitive. 

♥ Britt


down by the water

cardigan: urbanog sweater: gap beanie: f21 socks: c/o soxxy

 I spent the past weekend indulging in Shake Shake and exploring the LES with my fiance. Before going out on our all day trek, I had to put on my favorite socks ever. These pairs from Soxxy have an awesome grip that prevents them from slipping which is a necessity for all day  adventures around the city. Our favorite find from exploring, was South Street Seaport. Sandy reeked havoc on this little area, leaving most of the surrounding businesses in shambles.However, there are still a few places who are leading the route of recovery and have re-opened with optimism. I love this area because it’s such a an odd juxtaposition of contrasting sceneries–pirate-like ships mixed with huge skyscrapers. That’s exactly what I love about this city, it’s a beautiful mixture of everything.

♥ Britt

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floral militia

pink and pepper conquer boots

 sweater: gap (mens section); coat: f21; dress worn as skirt: motel rocks ; boots: c/o Pink & Pepper 

I’m finally back in the city after spending the holidays back home, and boy do I feel refreshed. Not only is it an entirely new year, but I have so many things to look forward to in 2013…including my W-E-D-D-I-N-G. My fiancé and I have finally set a date and we couldn’t be more excited to start our life together as husband & wife {pinch me}.

With the new year, I’m also feeling motivated. And when I’m motivated, I feel like I can conquer the world. And when I do, you can usually notice that my shoes tend to match my mood. These combat boots from Pink & Pepper, are such a great way to show my can-do attitude and how I’m ready for anything that comes my way. Maybe I’m being overly optimistic, but I believe 2013 is going to be my favorite year yet.

♥ Britt

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